Monday, December 12, 2011

Paihia, rainy days 2-4

My plans to relax on the beach here got completely obliterated... Strong winds and rain is what I get. But still, there are nice walks and other stuff to do. The weather's just not very nice to my photo gear.

Yesterday I got on the ferry to Russel and did some walking there. The trail up to Tapeka Point is my favorite. Amazing views! And the rain stopped to let me snap a few shots up there too.

I walked the coastline back to Russel from there. The tide was low, so it was possible but still an adventure. It took some rock climbing, a few water steps, some seagull attacks, and about 1h before I got back to Russel. I passed about 4 nice secluded beaches on the way. Would be perfect for a sunny day.

Then I got a burger in Russel, and then checked out a windy and wavy Long Beach on the other side of Russel.

Today I'm joining a tour to Kerikeri for some history, wine, and chocolate :)

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