Saturday, March 24, 2012

Newcastle to Brisbane, via Byron Bay

I've done a lot since Sydney. I think the highlight of Australia for me, will be Surfest in Newcastle. Many world class surfers showed off their skills in and out of competition. I spent many hours on the beach taking photos. It's been quite a task sorting them out afterwards.

I spent some days in Byron bay. Relaxing from taking photos. Not a single one taken in four days! Some kind of record for me... Instead I surfed myself a few times. Nice, but when I got a smaller board and headed out in the waves, it became veeery hard. Either you catch a too big wave and get slammed, or you just keep paddling for 30 mins without catching a single one. All the more respect for the good surfers!

Now I'm in Brisbane. Mostly doing walks in the city. Took a long one last night on the other side of the river, to get the usual night reflection shots :) Today I'll chill and do some more surf pics processing.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Another Day in Sydney

Yesterday was very much like my previous day in Sydney. Started off at Pamarama Beach, then headed into the city. The difference was that it was a bit cloudy until the evening, when it cleared again.

Luke Redmond shredded the waves this day too at Tamarama. He's doing some really nice spins. Then, after a nap, instead of going to The Rocks, I went to Darling Harbour in the evening. Perfect place  for long exp neon city lights reflection photos :)

I ended my day by heading back to Bondi Beach by train and bus at around 10:30. Nice day again!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Day in Sydney

I've been in Australia for a little more than a week now. First Melbourne 4 nights, and then a 3-day tour of Great Ocean Road and Grampians National Park. Quite a different feeling compared to NZ. Maybe because I've mostly been in big cities?

Now I'm staying at Bondi Beach in Sydney. The hostel is right next to the surf beaches, and the waves have been nice the last couple of days. Sunshine and 28 degrees seems to be what the weather is here always. I've spent a little more time at the beaches than planned...

The day started with a walk to Tamarama beach where this guy, Luke, did som cool surfing. Tonight I made a trip into the city to see the Opera House and Melbourne Bridge. Very nice sights!

Here's three of todays pictures: