Sunday, December 4, 2011

Nan Lian Garden and Stanley

Today I first went north on Kowloon to visit Nan Lian Garden, and then I went south on Hong Kong Island to Stanley.

Nan Lian Garden is a kept in perfect condition to the smallest detail. From what I understand, it is the Chi Lin Nunnery that's responsible for that. My favorite is a house on a small island with wild orange bridges leading to it.
Taking the subway here is perfect. Just get off at Diamond Hill and walk 200m.

Stanley is more like a "regular" town. It is known for it's market and long beach promenade and nice sunsets. An extra bonus is the bus ride to get there. The route takes you up and down on winding roads with amazing views. I stayed until sunset, and then hopped on a bus back to Central.

Finally, I took some shots of people taking shots of the Hong Kong skyline. I wonder how many shots are taken each day in Hong Kong…

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