Sunday, April 8, 2012

Last night in the southern hemisphere!!

What!? Four months and ten days are gone... But so not forgotten. Tomorrow morning I will start my trip home to Sweden, which will take about 30 hrs, and four flights.

The main reason for me traveling, taking photos, has given me many things:
- utter and complete frustration
- amazing joy
- heaps and heaps of work
- insight in how much robustness and build quality means. And the lack of it...
- super fun
- boredom of sorting, organizing, and backing up
- surprises
- lack of sleep and food
- a backlog of about the size of infinity of photos to take of
- dozens of new exciting acquaintances

In other words: I wouldn't have missed it for the world!

To be honest, I'm glad to stop traveling now. I need to recharge. On many levels. The obvious one is the bank account. But also the "travel" and "want-to-see-new-things" energy levels.
It's such a big difference from my early weeks and my recent weeks, in how much I want to do stuff. An amazing view, after an exciting adventure, after a beautiful walk, after another amazing view... You get the point. There's a limit in how much you can take in. And other unexpected events has made me even more home-sick. In a very good way :)

Is this the last blog entry? Naw, I'll keep blogging. Just need to change the blog description :)