Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A day in Auckland

Today has been a good day: Got my clothes laundered, booked some 4 nights in Paihia and a bus ride there on Friday, and spent some time in town. I ran to a couple of weird things. Red people handing out pieces of a big puzzle. Giant people walking around making normal people scared and happy. And about 1000 Santa Clauses running a race in the Harbor. Bag Pipe practice alongside cricket practice seemed quite normal after that. Oh, and I bought me a pair of hiking shorts!! Soooo much nicer than my jeans...

The weather is very changing with fast moving clouds with occasional light rain showers. Sometimes a bit too warm, and sometimes a bit too cold. Perfect.

I have also got lot's of good information from a german couple who live in my dorm. They have been in New Zealand since August, and are leaving for home tomorrow. Lot's of pictures with good intel for me :)

Tomorrow I think I'll catch a boat to Waiheke Island just outside Auckland. Looks like a beautiful place.


  1. Santa Clauses with sunglasses, that never happens in Sweden! You're living in a world that is obviously upside down. ROFLMAO! Beautiful pictures as well. I really like the one with the bus, the bicycle and the giant.

  2. Wow kiwis are WEIRD! You need to come to Australia, people are place are way better lol. The only thing better about NZ is the mountains (and the beef and cheese pies - have you tried one yet?)