Sunday, April 8, 2012

Last night in the southern hemisphere!!

What!? Four months and ten days are gone... But so not forgotten. Tomorrow morning I will start my trip home to Sweden, which will take about 30 hrs, and four flights.

The main reason for me traveling, taking photos, has given me many things:
- utter and complete frustration
- amazing joy
- heaps and heaps of work
- insight in how much robustness and build quality means. And the lack of it...
- super fun
- boredom of sorting, organizing, and backing up
- surprises
- lack of sleep and food
- a backlog of about the size of infinity of photos to take of
- dozens of new exciting acquaintances

In other words: I wouldn't have missed it for the world!

To be honest, I'm glad to stop traveling now. I need to recharge. On many levels. The obvious one is the bank account. But also the "travel" and "want-to-see-new-things" energy levels.
It's such a big difference from my early weeks and my recent weeks, in how much I want to do stuff. An amazing view, after an exciting adventure, after a beautiful walk, after another amazing view... You get the point. There's a limit in how much you can take in. And other unexpected events has made me even more home-sick. In a very good way :)

Is this the last blog entry? Naw, I'll keep blogging. Just need to change the blog description :)

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  1. Tjena Mattias, have been fun to check your site every now and then for nice stories and pictures. you are a real artist when it comes to spotting fantastic photo opportunities and working with the pics afterwards. Have never seen so nice photos in my life. Hope to see you soon at the Appello office! /Christian M