Saturday, March 24, 2012

Newcastle to Brisbane, via Byron Bay

I've done a lot since Sydney. I think the highlight of Australia for me, will be Surfest in Newcastle. Many world class surfers showed off their skills in and out of competition. I spent many hours on the beach taking photos. It's been quite a task sorting them out afterwards.

I spent some days in Byron bay. Relaxing from taking photos. Not a single one taken in four days! Some kind of record for me... Instead I surfed myself a few times. Nice, but when I got a smaller board and headed out in the waves, it became veeery hard. Either you catch a too big wave and get slammed, or you just keep paddling for 30 mins without catching a single one. All the more respect for the good surfers!

Now I'm in Brisbane. Mostly doing walks in the city. Took a long one last night on the other side of the river, to get the usual night reflection shots :) Today I'll chill and do some more surf pics processing.

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