Sunday, May 20, 2012

Il Sorriso dei Nonni

I'm on a one week trip to Italy with my parents. A really nice place we stayed at in Val di Rabbi, is Il Sorriso dei Nonni. A B&B located in the small village Pracorno. Very nice rooms, a well equipped guest kitchen, free coffee, and a delicious breakfast, are just a few of the good things we enjoyed.

There are plenty of beautiful places to go to, but the surroundings of the B&B itself are very beautiful. Perfect setup for a photo crazy maniac like me. Below are some pictures taken at max 100 m from the house.

Here's the B&B at daytime:

And at nighttime: (almost 30 min exp)

The river Rabbies runs just a few meters from the house: (a long exp IR shot)

Here's the view down the valley:

Looking up the valley, towards the snowy peaks:

The super nice (and strong) staff of the B&B:

While we stayed there, we went to see a very beautiful waterfall, Cascate di Saent, and a small lake surrounded by mountains and forests, Lago Caprioli. Photos from those places in coming posts :)

Now we are close to Fumane, a village close to Verona. It's been raining hard today, but at least we went into Verona and had a look at the city. Including Julias balcony.

Last night an earthquake woke me up! The doors were rattling, and the bed was shaking. Luckily nothing more happened to us. Others were not so lucky in other parts of Italy.

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