Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Catlins tour over

Now I'm in Dunedin after 5 days in the Catlins. Amazing 5 days with lots of walks where I've seen wildlife, forests, rocks, beaches, and waves. I've stayed at backpackers close to beaches, and once on a Hilltop :)

I wish I did spend more time in Curio Bay. I stayed at the Lazy Dolphin there, 50 m from the beach and 500 m from the penguins. Sea Lions and Dolphins are also regular visitors.

In Papatowai I stayed at the Hilltop Accommodation. For a water/rocks fanatic like me, it was an odd choice. But I loved the view. And the extra 5 km each beach walk would demand of me... The sheep in the hill fields that I passed amused me quite a bit too. They were scared shitless for any car or person. They ran 100 m away whenever I passed. Hundreds of them! Good exercise.

Kaka Point meant even more beach walking, but mostly in rain under cloudy skies. Nonetheless enjoyable. That was the biggest town I stayed in. Almost 300 residents I heard. Had a few meals and beers in their pub :) Paddy the bartender is alone worth the stay in Kaka Point.

The next few days will be spent relaxing and sorting pictures in Dunedin. Maybe some surfing also :)

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