Thursday, January 26, 2012

Rain in Franz Josef

Today most of my adventures got spoiled by the rain. Also, I found that the coastline south of Greymouth wasn't that interesting as I hoped. At least I got a few IR shots of a glacier river just before I got to Franz Josef. Then the rain began... Fortunately the YHA hostel here is quite nice, and I've been sitting in front of the fireplace most of the day/night :)

While I was sorting my photos, I got two Taiwanese fans. They pointed and talked to each other about most pictures on my screen. They didn't speak much English though, so I don't really know what they said. Maybe it was stuff like "Ugly, stupid, boring, obnoxious, lame, baaad, he should destroy his camera." I'll never know.

But here's a weird IR shot from today anyway.

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